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    Paints and varnishes

    The solutions for paints and varnishes have been designed and formulated to improve the surface protection of aqueous paints. Paraffin wax emulsions improve surface characteristics.

    Emulsions and dispersions of polyethylene waxes, especially designed for the formulations of paints, with the purpose of highlighting the gloss, improve the slip, achieve a matt effect, scratch resistance, etc.

    The wax for polishing Venetian stucco is a product made from natural waxes dispersed in water that nourishes and regenerates the painted surfaces. It is ideal for polishing Venetian stucco highlighting the beauty and glossiness of the paint. Soluble in water.

    Leaves smooth surfaces.

    They are polished with a cloth. The surface of the polished wax gives a high gloss, protection, depth and durability.

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