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    Printing inks

    Printing inks improve their properties with the addition of additives such as waxes.

    Gresalla Química provides emulsions and dispersions of waxes, especially polyethylene and polypropylene.

    The addition of wax additives basically improves the following properties:

    • Gloss.
    • Anti-blocking properties.
    • Abrasion resistance.
    • Scratch resistance.
    • Slippage.
    • Scrub resistance.


    In general, the term “gloss” is the index used to express the ability of a surface to reflect directed light.


    When the printed material rubs against the machinery, during the finishing and bending operations, during transport or when being manipulated, the printed surface is subject to a rubbing action that tends to scratch or scrape it.

    Water-based printing coatings, applied to the already printed surface, help to improve this resistance.


    A degree of slippage on printed surfaces is often required to assist abrasion resistance and packing characteristics. Slip is generally measured using a slip angle. On a printed sample, a certain weight is placed and then both the sample and the weight are raised at a certain angle, until the weight begins to slip. The angle at which the weight begins to slip is considered the slip angle.

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